• Construction Energy

Birth of Construction Energy

From a very tender age Mr. Herman Edie had developed a passion for entrepreneurship. He came from a poor family background and was determined not to continue this trend. He started as a farmer, and after losing his opportunity to become a pilot he went on to learn carpentry from a community cabinet maker. He loved the field and decided to extend himself a little further where he got into construction. He has broaden his knowledge in the field and was doing very well, however, when the phenomenon of alternate energy become a boom he realized this was a field he wanted to pursue. Hence the birth of Construction Energy formally known as Creative Home and Building Solutionswhich started in October 1987in Annatto Bay, St. Mary). Construction Energy has been in business for over 28 years designing and assembling prefabricated, steel and foam buildings for residential, commercial and government facilities in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and the US. We are a small- scaled registered company now located in Mandeville, Manchester.

New Horizons

Being a family-oriented man, Mr. Edie has incorporated his daughter Ms. Cheryce Edie in his business to manage its operations while he leads the technical teams on the various sites. Ms. Edie has strategically align the company to be able to operate effectively and efficiently in this competitive market while achieving the company’s mandateto continuously manufacture and assemble, install, repair and maintain affordable quality built housing, provide energy efficient power supply and solar products for residential, commercial, government and industrial facilities. One of our greatest challenge has been acquiring financial aid to extend our business as we possess tremendous potential.

We continue to work acidulously to achieve our goals and expand our horizon as we grow. We have partnered with several individuals and companies such as Fosrich Co. Ltd, Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd, Three Angels Pharmacy and Sir Patrick Allen (Governor General) just to name a few.


At construction Energy our vision is to become a leader in energy and efficiency - with the use of our expertise, growing knowledge and enthusiasm for customer satisfaction and technology; we continue to provide energy efficient facilities - residential, commercial and industrial. This strategy will be use as a vehicle to effectively transition into the evolving field of energy efficiency – offering cost effective solutions to all societal classes, small, medium and large enterprises. To align with company goals and achieve its overall strategic objective.

And with astounding attributes we are able to construct anything from nothing to something beautiful which our slogan represents, “number one in quality from the ground to the crown”.